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Entry #1

You can't fill the emptyness...

2009-12-28 19:13:12 by Nocturnial

Don't be afraid if your life will end.... Be afraid if it will never begins!!!


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2009-12-28 19:24:30

I not afraid of teh end of life... and i am now begginging.
I have made my own life philosophy.

Lifes a bitch, do not be slowed by its troubles. Suck it up and get on with life. Fear nothing. Pain is nothing. Emotions are nothing. Your life is important to no one.

But while your life is nothing at least help those who find a meaning in and happiness in life. Do everything you can to help them and make there life the best.


2009-12-28 19:34:48

when my life end i wont be scared even if its a horrible death it will only last a moment mine has began and iam scared or wat could be not of wat will be